Motorola Motofone

Friday, January 16, 2009

The rate at which the number of mobile users are increasing, India has transformed into an intermediate market. Motorola already has a couple of mobile phones which are cheap and are showing high sales. The Motorola MotoFone is an even cheaper addition in the list.

This phone is one of the cheapest phones available in the market - it still looks stylish and sleek. The MotoFone is a dual-band GSM phone weighs just 70 gm. It has seven polyphonic rigntones and the vibrator also.

The phone delivers about eight hours of talktime and 20 days of standby. The MotoFone is the cheapest of the cheapest deals. Motofone is one of the best phones in its class for the features as well as the price.

It is sleek, great to hold, simply superb audio quality and above all great network catching capability. The Motofone uses very little power thus enabling it to go on for hours and hours. The battery lasts for over eight hours.

Motofone is for those who are just concerned with talking on the phone and not listening to mp3s on it. The display is big enough and clear enough for you to read even without lenses.


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