USB Optical Mouse And Sd Memory Card Reader

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Those clever little Japanese just can't stop themselves shrinking things. If there was an MBE for spotting brilliant functional design, then our colleague Mr Hashimoto would have a lapel full of the blighters. Because there's nothing more clever than the gadget he found on a recent trip to his Asian mother country. Like him, it's small, perfectly formed, is dashed useful in a tight corner, and can pretty much go anywhere.

This is mouse unlike most other mice. A king among mice, you might say. It's an ergonomically beautiful mouse, easy on the hand and good on the eye, with one superior modification. It has an in-built SD and MMC card reader, meaning you can save vital USB port space by combining two gadgets in one.

Upload and download to your heart's content. Images, music and more. For this is a mighty mouse when it comes to data transfer, and an accurate mouse when it comes to navigation. Boasting the very latest in infra-red spatial technology, it has dispensed with the hated roller-ball to glide smoothly over most flat surfaces to move your pointer or cursor to its intended destination with pinpoint accuracy. Best of all, it is a fleximouse that is eager to please - and can connect easily through either USB or standard mouse ports.

High precision 800dpi optical resolution
Built-in SD/MMC card reader
USB mini connector
CPU-mouse cable adapter
Retractable 75cm cable
Dimensions: Height: 3.0cm Width: 5.0cm Depth: 9.0cm
Weight: 0.0Kg

E-TEN Glofiish X500+ VGA Pocket PC Phone Unwrapped, Again

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Initially released in the Asian market, the Glofiish X500+ Pocket PC handset has again shown off its charisma with a bit of improved features to brag about. E-TEN has released the enhanced Glofiish X500+ phone that boasts to double as a computer with its Windows Mobile 6 and VGA display.

Claiming to be its first device to show off high-resolution VGA capabilities, the pocket PC phone is proud to display up to four times the resolution than the prior E-TEN models. Its bigger 2.8-inch 65,536 colors, TFT-LCD screen offers more pixels (640 x 480), ensuring crisp and sharp images and movie-viewing experience. The mobile phone also debuts with 3.5G connectivity, Windows Mobile 6 Professional platform and VGA display, making it an ideal product for business professionals to enjoy portability and high-end communication features while globe trotting.

Available in an ultra-thin form factor, the Glofiish X500+ also enables consumers to capture videos or photos through an integrated 2-megapixel camera with auto-focus function and 4x digital zoom. It also allows them to conduct research via browsing over the World Wide Web and even get in touch with thousands of people overseas with the help of the Windows Live for Windows Mobile suite.

Moreover, the company’s exclusive software suite such a Namecard Manager is incorporated into the pocket PC phone to organize contacts and assists owners to photograph a business card. This later takes advantage of OCP technology to recognize and dig out contact information.

During leisure time, users can get pleasure from the multimedia function and if they are more engrossed in their work, the upgraded Mobile Office application helps them to continue working while on the run. They can create and edit documents, photos, spreadsheets or presentations.

The additional features of the latest Glofiish device are 128MB Flash ROM, 64MB SDRAM with support of microSD card, an in-built quad-band GSM module, Bluetooth v2.0 +, Wi-Fi and GPRS/EGPRS.

Measuring 113.5 x 60.5 x 15.5 mm, the E-TEN X500+ ultra-thin VGA Pocket PC Phone is accessible in silver and black color choices. However, the price detail is kept as a surprise.

Semi-Official Sprint Mogul Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM Leaked

Thursday, May 15, 2008

This isn't the final official version of the Sprint Mogul Windows Mobile 6.1 firmware update—which probably means that it shouldn't be called "official"—but it has been leaked on WinMo dev sites. New features are Sprint TV, a larger Start Menu, speedier response and of course, Windows Mobile 6.1. If you're really dying for new features on your phone you can download and install it now, otherwise we'd wait until the final version is available within the next month or so.

Flyclear Card

Monday, May 12, 2008

All of us who have been on a plane know about how long you have to wait before you can board because of the annoyingly thorough check-ups you have to pass before you can go on your trip. But from now on you can leave all those controls behind thanks to the new Flyclear card. And it only costs $99.95 a year and the fee for TSA of $28.

To get one, you have to go to a Clear center and present two official identification cards. Then you have to take a photo and give them your biometric information. They suggest that you should have a US passport, but foreign people are welcomed to.

So now you can eliminate the stress from your plane trips, not worry about those hidden pierces and miss a lot less planes. The Flyclear has already been put into function but for very few airports like Orlando, San Jose and JFK and the service is not available all day long. But there are plans to expand this technology.