USB Optical Mouse And Sd Memory Card Reader

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Those clever little Japanese just can't stop themselves shrinking things. If there was an MBE for spotting brilliant functional design, then our colleague Mr Hashimoto would have a lapel full of the blighters. Because there's nothing more clever than the gadget he found on a recent trip to his Asian mother country. Like him, it's small, perfectly formed, is dashed useful in a tight corner, and can pretty much go anywhere.

This is mouse unlike most other mice. A king among mice, you might say. It's an ergonomically beautiful mouse, easy on the hand and good on the eye, with one superior modification. It has an in-built SD and MMC card reader, meaning you can save vital USB port space by combining two gadgets in one.

Upload and download to your heart's content. Images, music and more. For this is a mighty mouse when it comes to data transfer, and an accurate mouse when it comes to navigation. Boasting the very latest in infra-red spatial technology, it has dispensed with the hated roller-ball to glide smoothly over most flat surfaces to move your pointer or cursor to its intended destination with pinpoint accuracy. Best of all, it is a fleximouse that is eager to please - and can connect easily through either USB or standard mouse ports.

High precision 800dpi optical resolution
Built-in SD/MMC card reader
USB mini connector
CPU-mouse cable adapter
Retractable 75cm cable
Dimensions: Height: 3.0cm Width: 5.0cm Depth: 9.0cm
Weight: 0.0Kg


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