Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some of the gadget which will become popular or will rule in 2009 are ..............

As computing and web-based applications will become popular in 2009 so 2009 will belong to netbooks such as the tiny Asus EEE PC. SONy NETBOOK is one of them which is stylish compact device coupled with an -inch widescreen LCD. By use of chips like Intel Silverthorne abd Dimondvulle Atom processors, and the Nvidia Tegra which will push performance while taking machines closer lasting all day on single battery.


Ninntendo has announced the new land enhanced 'DSi'. It features two lickable 3.25 inch screens, the bottom one being the touchscreen. It also provide SD card slot, on which one can store music ot photos you click. Another important features is its .3 megapixel camera. It will cost around $190.

After LCD and Plasma sets flattend themselves to no end, it's turn to TVs with organic Light Emitting Diode(OLED) screens. OLEDS are capable of richer colors and are way thinner than even the most anorexic LCD. Samsung recently showed off its 40-ich, OLED TV- and it was just 8.9 mm thick.


Hybrid Blu-Ray is another double layered disc which enable us to store same movie in two different format. Top layer could store the BLU-Ray version while the lower layer will store in regular DVD. If you just own a DVD player you can still watch a movie that release on this HYBRID DISC and enjoy hi-def splendour once you buy a Blu-Ray disc player.


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Remcyl said...

Gadget news are definitely on the list of things to watch out for 2009. several new items are on the market and price range would still be available both to the lower end of consumers and the high-end as well.

January 1, 2009 at 9:09 AM