Steel series gaming kit Indian: Price And Specifications

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One of the world’s most popular gaming peripherals manufacturer, SteelSeries, has finally launched its products in India. And gamers will be pleased to check out the introductory offer that offers a full gaming kit for Rs 3,999, which includes an optical mouse, a custom mousepad and a gaming headset!

The first and most crucial aspect of the kit is the Kinzu optical mouse, a compact mouse that operates with 9375 Frames Per Second at movement speeds of 50 inches per second. For a lot of gamers, being left-handed can be a huge disadvantage in mouse design. That’s why the Kinzu’s ambidextrous layout makes it possible for anyone to use it comfortably.

It has been designed with a custom slip-resistant coating for superior mouse grip and control. Its feet are developed from a low-friction polyethylene material, allowing for smoother movements.

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The Kinzu also comes with a custom software that allows gamers to create up to three different profiles for various types of games, which can be activated with just a few clicks.

The Qck Mass mousepad, the second item in the kit, is a super thick mouse pad made of a high quality cloth material with a specially designed non-slip rubber base which prevents the pad from sliding; no matter what surface the mouse pad is placed on.

This mouse pad features extremely heavy thickness, which results in a very unique feeling. While the pad is soft and comfortable to touch, the height is also fairly massive, reaching a total of 6mm.

With its foldable design, the SteelSeries 3H gaming headset – the last item in the gaming kit – is easy to transport and extremely lightweight. Its strong bass and crystal clear sound will help gamers determine where to expect the next encounter. And the retractable non-directional microphone is just icing on the cake.

SteelSeries has worked with professional gamers while designing and developing the 3H, and so has customised it for gaming purposes. The headset is optimised for specific sounds found in gaming, like the sound of gunfire, weapon reloads, footsteps and other crucial in-game sounds.

Cost In India: Rs 3,999

Overall, for a gamer, this introductory offer is great news.


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