Internet Based Program Helps Teenagers Beat Depression

Monday, February 2, 2009

A new study has reported that an Internet program, called 'project CATCH-IT' helps to reduce depressive symptoms and prevent episodes of clinical depression in adolescent patients at risk.
Led by Dr Benjamin Van Voorhees of US University of Chicago, the study revealed that the program is an engaging and effective new alternative for managing depression in teens.
"An internet based program may offer a low cost way to implement depression prevention in community settings,"the authors wrote in the journal of Development and Behioral pediatrics.
on the basis of proven therapies- such as cognitive-behavioural therapy-project CATCH IT is designed to reduce thoughts, behaviours, and relations that increase vulnerability to depression.
Also, the program builds skills that reduce the risk of depression and promote a successful transition to adulithood.
It also includes a series of 14 modules that teens can work through privately on a secure Web site.
A version of project CATCH-IT for use by physicians and the general public is available at

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