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As in today's world new technologies are coming at veryfast rate.This may be due to market competition in which each conpany wants to be ahead of other or due to desire of mankind to make things simple.Since technologies are arriving daily it is difficult forpeople to update with it, so friends this blog will helpyou by updating with latest technology, internet development and try to satisfy your urge to know about new things.

EyePoint:Look and Click


The keyboard and mouse have long been the dominant forms of inputon computer system.However, with the incresing accuracy and decreasing costof eye gaze tracking system, it will soon be common with people.Human beingslook with their eyes. when they want ot point either on the computer or in real life, they look before they point.Therefore using eye gaze as a wayof interacting with computer seems to be extension of our natural ability.


To our eye point user simply looks at desire location and presses hotkey on keyboard for double click,single click etc.The system displays a magnified view of the region the user was looking at. The userlook at the target and releases the hot key. The region around the user's initialgaze point is presented in the magnified view with a grid of orange dots overlaid.These orange dots are called focus points and may aid in focusing the user's gaze at a point within he target. focusing at a point reduces the jitter and improves the accuracy of the system.Single click ans double click and right click actions are performed as soon as the user releases the key. click and drag is a two step process. The user first selects the starting point for the click and drag with one hot key and then the destination with another hot key.


The eye tracker constantly tracks the yser's eye movements using complex algorithms tohelp filter the gaze data. It determines the user's gaze using low cost cameras to track the location of the center of the pupil.


Like wikipedia google is also going to launch a public platform and this ocean of knowledge will be named as KNOL. Thing which diffrentiate it from wiki is thatin knol photo of writter will also be displayed.


Scientists in Italy has developed a chip which will replace silicon chip whichare used now a days. This chip is made up of Hafnium material and loaded with 'Penrin'processors size of chip is only 45nm. Benefit of using Hafnium over silicon is that dielectric constant is high and can store more charge than silicon oxide.


This disc is ptented this year and has more storage capacity than that of availableDVD, Blue ray and HD-DVD. This disc can be played in DVD player, BLue ray playerand HD-DVD player.


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